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Address: Deep Creek, Burley Griffin Way, Springdale NSW 2666 Australia
Phone: Mobile : 0417 296 865, International 61 417 296 865

Site Last Updated: 26th April 2012

You are about to enter Hot Rod city!
For those rodders who are looking for a car with style - look no further!
You choose the car - you set the stage - then let us take it from there.

We take pride in our quality craftsmanship of fibreglass Kit Cars
and we offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
Australian owned and Australian built at prices you can afford.

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The following vehicles are only an idea of how YOUR car could look by the time it's ready to drive . . . so go on, click on your favourite model below to take you directly to our sales office . . .

LB34 Ford 2-Door Sedan owner: Andrew Dezius     LB34 Ford Roadster owner: Colin O'Sullivan     LB34 Chev 2-Door Tourer owner: Ken Stig

LB34 Chev Roadster PickUp owner: Chris Kennedy     LB34 Chev Closed Cab PickUp     LB34 Chev 4-Door Tourer

LB34 Chev Woody owner: Norco     LB34 Ford 3-Window Coupe owner: Reg & Brenda Bolton     LB34 Chev Tourer PickUp owners: John & Rosemary Lakeman

LB34 Chev Roadster     LB34 Ford 4-Door Sedan owner: Mick & Marian Haber

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