Australian Kit Car was formed by myself, a long time Rodder, looking for a way to bring affordable Hot Rods to people interested in Rodding.

It came about when I was fooling around in my garage building my own '34 Roadster on original rails. I had just taken my old Datsun Ute off the road and decided to strip it out. The chassis was just sitting there, so I tried a pair of '34 front guards on the Ute chassis for the fun of it and the rest is history!

I' ve been building '34 Chevys and Fords on the Nissan chassis since 1995. The first models were all a bit of trial and error but I have discovered a lot in the process. I have a good team behind me and can see a very bright future for Australian Kit Car with many new projects and lots of new directions not yet explored.

Since forming the business we've had a lot of questions and feedback regarding our different models, so we created this web site for your information. It's updated often so it's always worth coming back for a look - even it's just to see who's cruizin' around in our latest model.

We've recently added some information pages due to the questions asked of our customers. The site not only shows pricing, but it explains exactly what you get for the advertised price. There's a brief account of specifications, conformances, what you can and can't have and, most of all, what you need to get started in building your very own Hot Rod.

Advice is free, so please contact me if you have any questions that are not explained in these pages and I will personally help you regarding your choices.

And just for the kids . . . take a look at our Mini Rods while you're browsing.

Yours in Rodding

Les Buckley
Australian Kit Car

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